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More about Startup Ukraine

For 10 years, Startup Ukraine has been teaching the basics of business to those who want to start their own business and become an entrepreneur. Over the 10 years of its existence, Startup Ukraine has trained thousands of entrepreneurs and implemented dozens of social initiatives:

  • 1 ml turnover during 10 years;
  • 5 ml audience outreach;
  • 100 000 lives transformed;
  • 50 000 participants of the events and projects I organized;
  • 5000 business started;
  • 300 partnerships build;
  • 1 National SME strategy created with MET;
  • Made in Ukraine trend coined.

Our global goal – create 1 million working places for Ukrainians thanks to the development of entrepreneurship.

Development programs that we implement

Startup Ukraine Family

Startup Ukraine Family

Each of our students, graduates, or entrepreneurs forms Startup Ukraine Family – a community of young and ambitious entrepreneurs who even during the war continue to create new businesses, jobs, develop the economy of Ukraine and popularize Made in Ukraine all over the world.

Donation for the community of young entrepreneurs = assistance for the development of small businesses and the economy of Ukraine.

Selfmade&Brave Woman Community

Selfmade&Brave Woman Community

Every second new business in Ukraine is started by women. During the full-scale invasion, more than 9 million Ukrainians left abroad. Most of them are women and children. And even being abroad, in a foreign country with an unfamiliar economy – Ukrainian women began to create their own businesses. They do not sit idly by and wait for victory, they create businesses and popularize Made in Ukraine abroad.

Donation for Brave Women’s Community = support for invincible Ukrainian women abroad and contribution to the development of Ukrainian business.

Ukrainian Business Embassy

Ukrainian Business Embassy

The war forced Ukrainian entrepreneurs to look for new markets, audiences, and solutions. More and more businesses have entered the international arena, proudly representing Ukraine all over the world. Today Made in Ukraine is a real brand that not only Ukraine is proud of, but the entire civilized world.

Donation to support Made in Ukraine = contribution to the international promotion of business created in Ukraine.

Implemented in 2022-2023

Global entrepreneurship week, 2022. Co-organizing partners Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine, SME and export promotion office, Diia Business project with support of CIPE

Online Startup Camp “Made in Ukraine” within the framework of the project "Support for Women, Peace and Security in Ukraine", which is implemented public organization «Center for Economic Recovery» in consortia with CSO “La Strada-Ukraine”, NGO "Poruch" and public organization «Institute of Constructive Journalism and New Media» with the support of the British Embassy in Ukraine.

“SpivDiia. Entrepreneurs” — project in collaboration with a charitable foundation “SpivDiia”, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine supported by the European Union project EU4YouthEntrepreneurship and Employment within the program “Dream and act” and EU4Youth stage III “Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship”

Launched a course «Be entrepreneur» for 200 people and a comprehensive online program to start your own business Startup challenge 2023.

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