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Українські підприємці – надійний тил України під час війни

Ukrainian entrepreneurs are a reliable rear of Ukraine during the war

Supporting Ukrainian entrepreneurs = supporting the economy of Ukraine during the war!

After the beginning of Russian full-scale invasion into Ukraine, not only the infrastructure, but also the economic and business sectors were destroyed. Each week of war costs more than UAH 50 billion to the national economy of Ukraine

Small businesses also suffered enormous losses: 15% of enterprises lost more than $100,000 , 28% – from 10 to 50 thousands US dollars, 40% – up to $10,000. 26% of enterprises were left without a financial cushion at all.

But despite all the difficulties, Ukrainian entrepreneurs continue to work, keep jobs, pay salaries, provide the country’s population with the necessary goods and services, volunteer, pay taxes, and also contribute huge amounts of money to the victory of the country.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs today are warriors of the economic front of Ukraine!
And they need your support.

How you can help?

For 10 years, Startup Ukraine has been teaching the basics of business to those who want to start their own business and become an entrepreneur.

And today, our goal is to help Ukrainians to preserve their businesses, to support, to create new jobs, to expand existing projects and to enter new markets in Europe and around the world.

For this purpose, we have created a number of programs that will be free for Ukrainians.
You can become a sponsor of these important support programs and help financially – make a donation that will go towards the development of Ukrainian entrepreneurs.


Станьте частиною економічного фронту – підтримайте проекти Startup Ukraine.

Become a part of economic front - support the projects of Startup Ukraine.

Програми підтримки та створення можливостей

Support and opportunity programs:

“Be an entrepreneur” – programs for Ukrainians who lost their jobs due to the war and remained in Ukraine. We will help them discover their entrepreneurial potential and start a business.

Startup Challenge is an online course on starting your business in conditions of instability and economic crisis.

Business Challenge is an opportunity program for macro-business owners and small entrepreneurs whose businesses have ceased to function due to the war.

Програми розширення доступу до ринків

Market access expansion programs:

Educational programs designed to help Ukrainian macro and small businesses to export their goods and services abroad.

development of the Made by U platform – creation of an online catalog to promote quality Ukrainian goods to the international market.

Програми розвитку екосистеми

Ecosystem development programs:

Creating conditions for the development of startup and entrepreneurship support organizations in Ukraine.

Підтримка команди Startup Ukraine та спільноти Startup Ukraine Family

Support of the Startup Ukraine team and the Startup Ukraine Family community:

Despite the fact that the war destroyed our business model and deprived us of the opportunity to fully develop the startup sector of Ukraine, we did not stop our activities. In the first months of the war, we organized a project to develop entrepreneurship among Ukrainian refugee women in Denmark, where 55 motivated women are being trained. We need your help to continue our work and create new projects.


How can you support Startup Ukraine?

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