Training and support programs for entrepreneurs from Startup Ukraine –

it is a comprehensive approach to the creation of business projects that bring meaning and benefit to the country and the world. We teach how to create your own business from scratch, without experience, and also support, develop and guide entrepreneurs who already have a business but want more.

Startup Ukraine programs

Our own programs, created according to a methodology proven by 10 years of practical experience. Thanks to these trainings, about 500 new business projects were opened in Ukraine.

3 months
6 modules

Start Your Business

A comprehensive program for
starting your own business.

8 weeks
practical training

Startup Challenge

Online course on starting
your own business.

Partner programs

We actively cooperate with the international community and create opportunities for Ukrainians with partners from all over the world.


Restart Ukraine

Program of assistance to Ukrainian women entrepreneurs in restoring business in Great Britain.

6 weeks
educational program


Entrepreneurship educational program for Ukrainian women temporarily living in Denmark.

These businesses are created by our graduates

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